Focused Market Research Group for the health, wellness and fitness market.

You want to hear from your actual customers or potential customers.

You want their feedback and opinions on your product.

You really want to know what they want to buy.

You want to know what they need but can’t find.

You want to know what features they want to see, where they want your company to go and what products they want next or how to change your products to be better for them.

In amongst the mainstream or specialty markets is your niche. Your actual customers. That’s who you want information and opinions from.

What you don’t want is a whole heap of feedback from those that do not buy your product and will never buy your product.

Focused market research

What We Give

  • Free information, products and ideas
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Video
  • Question and answer and discussion
  • Community engagement
  • Access to experts
  • Links to resources
  • New ideas, tools and concepts they can trial
  • Free products to trial

What We Get

  • Customer information
  • Symptom picture
  • Socioeconomic demographic data
  • Specific problems needing solutions
  • Product feedback
  • Brand feedback
  • Concept feedback
  • Market perception
  • Customer perspective
  • White space opportunities

Trial 1 is Underway

Our first X Trial is currently accepting applications and this one is Vegan Protein based. If this sounds like something that is of interest, click here to find out more…